Third Book in Vegetable-Agroforestry Series to Launch at SWAT Seminar and Workshop in Bogor, Indonesia


Cover of the newly launched “Vegetable- Agroforestry Systems in Indonesia.” This is the third in a series of four books.

“Vegetable-Agroforestry Systems in Indonesia” is the third book in a four-part series detailing the uses and benefits of vegetable-agroforestry (VAF) in Southeast Asia. Previously in the series, authors explored VAF in Vietnam and the Philippines, while this newest addition, which launches at the SWAT Regional Seminar and Workshop in Bogor, Indonesia on June 27, focuses on systems in Indonesia. Continue reading

Elinor Ostrom, SANREM partner and Nobel Prize receipient, leaves legacy of commons research

Elinor Ostrom, a close collaborator of natural resource management with the SANREM CRSP at Virginia Tech, succumbed to pancreatic cancer at Indiana University’s Health Bloomington Hospital on June 12, 2012. Ostrom was widely lauded for her work in the analysis of economic governance of common property resources such as pastures, lakes, fisheries and forests. Continue reading