Every year the SANREM team meets to discuss the goals, objectives, and progress of the collaborate research program. This is a great time to introduce all new members of each Long Term Research Award (LTRA) or Cross Cutting Research Activity (CCRA), as well as give feedback and suggestions to other members. Reporting requirements are discussed to make sure everyone is on the right track and all comments and concerns are addressed. These meetings are also a great time to get to know one another, which encourages cooperation and a productive research environment within SANREM. This facilitates the progress of the research program and enhances the results that SANREM produces.

Annual Meeting 2011– In May 2011, there was a meeting held in Blacksburg, VA for SANREM team members to discuss current research progress. The meeting included a poster presentation session. For more information and links to a gallery from the poster session, please see Annual Meeting 2011.

Annual Meeting 2010 – Phase IV Kick-off – In May 2010, the Principal Investigators (PIs) of each LTRA met in Blacksburg, VA with the Managing Entity to kick off the Phase IV of the SANREM CRSP. Click here to view the full schedule of the 2010 Annual meeting and to see the presentations given.

Annual Meeting 2009 – The SANREM team met on August 31 – September 1 in the Washington, D.C. area. At this meeting, the final research findings from each LTRA in Phase III were discussed. To read more about the details of this meeting, please see Annual Meeting 2009.

Annual Meeting 2008 – On May 26-29, 2008 in Los Baños, the Philippines.The team visited the work sites in Los Baños and reported on current research progress. This meeting also included a gender workshop and a meeting with the Technical Committee. Read more about this meeting here: Annual Meeting 2008.

Annual Meeting 2007 – In 2007, the SANREM team met for three days in Cochambamba, Bolivia. To read more about the details of this meeting, and to view the presentations, please see Annual Meeting 2007.

Annual Meeting 2006 – The 2006 Annual Meeting was held at the University Holiday Inn in Blacksburg, Virginia on April 18-20. Each LTRA presented their progress so far in the Phase III of SANREM, and the CCRAs and Bridging Award Activity coordinators reported their progress as well. For a complete agenda of this meeting, please see Annual Meeting 2006.