Seminar B: Socioeconomics, Day 1

Baseline surveys have been just completed or are about to be done this summer in all sites. The survey designs have not followed a single model. Some apply an area-wide panel design with target and non-target villages; others have established baselines on just those specifically targeted for trials ensuring a panel design. Sample sizes vary from a few targeted farmers per village to area-wide surveys of up to 500 households. Measurement issues and topical focus included:

  • How to deal with the trade-offs between farm-level profitability, environmental impacts, and risks
  • How profitability can be measured under controlled circumstances
  • Whether anyone is tracking the adoption curve or just using data from demonstration plots
  • The status of labor abundance or scarcity across sites baseline preliminary findings can be published as working papers on the SANREM website
  • The value of a typology of socio-economic systems with respect to conservation agriculture practices
  • Can we build toward developing a case for payments for environmental services (erosion control; carbon sequestration; biodiversity) for smallholders practicing conservation agriculture systems or just individual practices?