Annual Work Plan and Budget Instructions

How to properly complete your Annual Work Plan and Budget:

  • Download Form 23 
  • State your Project Goal (from your Project Application) and complete one table for each of your specified Project Objectives.
  • Under each different objective, number each task and provide a brief description (two lines maximum recommended)– if an objective has additional tasks, you may add rows.
  • Note: The form has changed a little–the highlighted columns replaced “planned completion date.”
  • There is an example below.

One of the new columns asks if international travel is required. If so, an international travel request form will be required — check the cell for that task and then complete Form 12 – International Travel Table for each individual traveler and country.

The other new column asks you to provide an expected result (two lines maximum recommended).

If you plan on purchasing equipment this year, complete  Form 25 –Equipment Authorization and Request Form

Lastly, if you are planning on supporting long-term/degree students this year, you need to:

  • Download the Form 16 that you completed for the semi-annual report from your SANREM Scholar site “SANREM Long-Term Training” Drop Box at: If you have forgotten your password for the Scholar site, you can type in your email in the bottom right box and your password will be reset.
  • Please update the file and highlight the changes.
  • If you did not submit a Form 16 for the semi-annual report, please complete Form 16 – Degree Training Table.
  • Upload the completed spreadsheet to the SANREM Scholar Site at: by placing it into your own LTRA drop box.
  • Send completed Work Plan and associated forms to by August 15!