Reporting Instructions for USAID Common Indicator Reporting

To submit the information needed for USAID Common Indicator Reporting, complete Form 19 and submit it to the ME by August 31.

  • It is best to start this by July 31.
  • Instructions for  Form 19 – USAID Common Indicator Tables:
    • Please submit in Word or Rich Text format, using Times New Roman in 12-point font and single-spaced. 
      • There are two columns: on the left is the “indicator” which is already filled in; and on the right is “documentation” for you to complete. Provide information for as many indicators as possible.
      • Most of your responses in the documentation column will be a number, but some may need a little elaboration.
      • Please give your best estimate.
      • If you do not know or the question does not apply, leave the cell blank.
    • Submit to Keith Moore at: by August 31!