Reporting Instructions for the Semi-Annual Report

Due: April 15
For the period: October 1- March 31 

Each Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting their technical progress report and associated research products by April 15 of each year to the ME in collaboration with their US and host country partners. Please submit a brief, five-page maximum report in the format displayed below.

To begin:

  1. Complete all sections of Form 14(pdf) in Word or Rich Text format, using Times New Roman in 12-point font and single-spaced. The same information from Form 14 is also laid out on this webpage.
  2. In addition to the report, you will need to submit Forms 16-18
  3. Please edit your reports carefully!
  4. All Annual Report material should be submitted to Keith Moore at: by April 15

Links to required forms:

  • Form 16 – Degree Training Table (upload to Scholar site)
  • Form 17 – Non-Degree Training Table, and [explained below]
  • Form 18 – Publications and Other Products Table [explained below]

Semi-Annual Reporting Format

I. Executive Summary of overall progress for the past six months

II. Research progress by objective.

  • Progress towards completing critical Annual Work Plan tasks.
  • Changes in research design or methods, obstacles encountered, and actions taken.
  • Significant research findings (bulleted form preferred).

III. Significant training, capacity building, and networking activities

  • Update degree training students supported (complete & attach Form 16).
    • You will find your most recent Form 16 in your drop box on the SANREM scholar site.
    • If you have forgotten your password for the Scholar site, you can type in your email in the bottom right box and your password will be reset.
    • Please update the file, highlight changes, and upload the new file.
    • Instructions: Form 16A.
  • Update short-term training events conducted (complete & attach Form 17).
  • Update publications list with proper bibliographic citations and enter into SKB* (complete and attach Form 18).
  • List any special events or networking activities.

IV. Research strategy and development objectives.

  • Describe progress achieving research milestones.
  • Indicate how this contributes to progress along the development impact pathway.
  • Discuss any lessons learned relevant to development goals.

* Semi-annual reports will not be considered complete until all SKB entries are up-to-date.