Reporting Instructions for the SANREM Knowledgebase

Please add any recently published resources into the SANREM Knowledgebase (SKB).

All SANREM participants are required to document the information resources they contribute to SA & NRM knowledge, such as:

  • articles
  • reports
  • books
  • presentations
  • photos
  • videos
  • extension and training materials
  • et cetera

To help collect that information and make it available to the wider SA & NRM community, SANREM has created the SANREM Knowledgebase (SKB), a searchable database of these publications.

When it comes time to put your information together for the Semi-annual and Annual reports, the information resources you’ve contributed to SA & NRM knowledge are documented on Form 18. The more you keep the SKB up-to-date with your publications, the easier it is for you and the ME to compile the list for this form.

To add to the SKB, visit the SANREM Knowledgebase page. There you will find some general information, plus links to:

  • view/search the Knowledgebase proper,
  • add resources to it (called “Metadata Entry”), and
  • a document with instructions for adding resources (called the “Metadata Guide”).

Start by by clicking the “SKB metadata entry” link and logging in. Follow the instructions detailed in the SKB metadata guide!

Proper Marking and Branding

Remember, when developing any work for publication (in the SKB or elsewhere), you must adhere to the following, from the POP-Manual under “publications” (page 37):

Publications and presentations funded by the SANREM Award should acknowledge USAID support with the following statement:

“This publication/presentation was made possible by the United States Agency for International Development and the generous support of the American People for the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management Collaborative Research Support Program under terms of Cooperative Agreement No. EPP-A-00-04-00013-00 to the Office of International Research and Development at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.”

More Information

Questions about this process may be directed to our SKB Research Assistant Lauren Moore at