Proper Use of TraiNet

TraiNet – the Training Results and Information Network – is a USAID online system for tracking training activities for foreign nationals ( TraiNet is a tool used maintaining compliance with the US Government visa requirement.

TraiNet Web is USAID’s direct link to the Dept of Homeland Security’s SEVIS system. Through TraiNet, you can update information as required by USAID, Dept. of State or Dept. of Homeland Security.

It is a USAID requirement that all training participants traveling to the US on SANREM funds be registered and apply for US J1 visa.

  • SANREM CRSP provides financial support only for people who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or host country nationals.
    • Only host country nationals in the US on J-1 visas obtained through TraiNet can be supported with SANREM funds.
    • Employees of SANREM subs who do their corporate duties in US are not  training participants.
  1. Each lead university has the responsibility for implementing the J1 visa process. Have your appointed team member contact Jane Lee for details on enrollment into the TraiNet system:
  2. Your appointed team member will then create a record in the USAID database and enter the data of the foreign trainees into TraiNet.
    • This is the 1st step to obtaining and generating information for a DS2019, which is a certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor (J1) status.
    • Instructions and forms — SANREM Form 10
    • NOTE: In-country & 3rd country training participants need to be registered through TraiNet
      • As of May 6, 2010: To ensure delivery of the DA-2019, programs should be approved in the VCS and submitted to SEVIS a minimum of three weeks prior to the date of travel. 
      • Without a passport face page, the application will be rejected  and not submitted to SEVIS.
  3. Your appointed team member needs to obtain Health and Accident Coverage (HAC insurance) for trainees
    • All US-bound training participants must be enrolled in the HAC insurance coverage through Highway to Health (HTH)
    • HTH is not mandatory for all 3rd country participants.

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