Travel for a Foreign National for Training in a Third Country

Here is your checklist of steps to take to properly report the project-funded travel of a foreign national for a training event that takes place in a third country — neither in the United States nor in the Host Country.

  • Preferably, start process at least 15 days prior to training start date
  • Complete Form 10B
    • 3 parts: Trainee information, Program information & Funding information required –no passport page needed, no visa related questions here (It’s a little easier than if it were based in US)
  • Send Form to your budget manager: (If the M.E. manages your budget then send to FAX number: 540-231-1402, e-mail:
    • Your budget manager will then enter the information into TraiNET
  • Update your budget manager at least quarterly (Federal FY) on the training (if you haven’t done so already) so he or she can enter data into TraiNET