Knowledgebase (SKB)

Access the SKB here:

The SANREM Knowledgebase (SKB) is a collection of information resources (books, reports, journal articles, videos, movies, presentations) produced or identified, classified, and summarized by SANREM researchers. This database provides easy access to resources relevant to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

Since going online in 2005, the SKB has been continually evaluated and improved. There are now thousands of metadata entries, many of them the products of SANREM. The SKB also serves a dual purpose – it acts as an easily-accessible repository for SANREM-produced resources and as a searchable database for scientists, policy-makers, and the general public. The SKB is available to everyone and can be searched by landscape system, title, creator, creation date, keywords, time period, location, description, language, and more. Resources matching the given criteria are returned in a list from which they can be inspected and downloaded if appropriate.

Using the SKB

To begin a search, use the SKB query form.

For tips on how to use the form, view or print our PDF document on SKB query guidelines (pdf).

For more in-depth information about how metadata is entered and stored, view or print this PDF version of the SKB metadata guide (pdf).

Payments for Environmental Services (PES) Queries

For searches specific to PES, a special set of instructions are outlined in the PES knowledgebase users’ manual (pdf).

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