Long Term Research Award Application Review Questions

The following list of questions is designed to assist applicants in assessing how well their Long-term Research Award Application meets the objectives of the SANREM CRSP. We recognize that it may not be possible/practical to satisfy all of these questions in a single research application. We are seeking applications that address as many of these questions as are necessary to develop a holistic and balanced research program.

  1. SANREM CRSP objectives, systems and inquiry areas

    1. Does the proposed research compliment SANREM CRSP objectives?
    2. Does the proposed research demonstrate an understanding of the SANREM CRSP systems approach and inquiry areas?
    3. Does the application effectively address one or more of the higher level SANREM systems (watersheds, ecosystems, governance/policy)?
    4. Does the application effectively address SANREM CRSP inquiry areas?
  2. Scientific merit and methodology of proposed research

    1. Do the problem statement and objectives address SA & NRM needs?
    2. Does the application demonstrate state-of-the-art knowledge in the proposed research area(s)?
    3. Is the proposed research original and innovative?
    4. Are the proposed tasks and methodology sufficient to accomplish the project objectives?
    5. How significant are the potential impacts of the proposed research to SA and NRM in the proposed host country region(s)?
    6. What is the likelihood that the results of the proposed research can be scaled up and out for application in other regions?
    7. Is the proposed activity likely to improve the livelihoods of impacted agricultural and NRM stakeholders?
    8. Is sufficient time allocated for systematic attainment of objectives?
    9. Are proposed project administration, partnerships and collaborative relationships feasible?
    10. Is the proposed quality assurance project plan outline reasonable?
  3. Does the application include appropriate partnerships with letters of commitments from:

    1. Host country organizations?
    2. IARCs
    3. NGOs, CSOs, and private sector partners?
  4. Participatory methodology

    1. Does the application have a plan/mechanism to involve all partners in project management?
    2. Is there evidence of involvement of developing country stakeholders and/or communities of nterest in the development and implementation of research and extension activities?
  5. USAID Mission involvement

    1. Does the application address USAID Mission strategic objectives in the proposed research region(s)?
    2. Are there letters of support from USAID Missions in the proposed research region(s)?
    3. Are partner USAID Missions providing additional support for the proposed research?
    4. Does the proposed research target the SA & NRM needs of appropriate stakeholders in priority USAID development areas?
  6. Consideration of gender issues

    1. Does the application demonstrate an awareness of and an integrated approach to address gender issues?
    2. Does the proposed research activity meet USAID training goals of fifty percent women in new trainee third-country and U.S. enrollments (graduate students, trainees, project scientists)
  7. Does the application demonstrate an awareness of and an integrated approach to address environmental and biodiversity conservation issues?
  8. Knowledge dissemination plan

    1. Is there an effective plan to disseminate knowledge generated by the research via publications, workshops, conferences, etc.?
    2. Are the proposed knowledge dissemination techniques appropriate for all stakeholders?
    3. Is there a commitment to support the SANREM Knowledge Base?
    4. Do the project PIs have good publications records?
  9. Training and capacity building

    1. How many host countries and US graduate students will the proposed project support?
    2. How many other stakeholders will benefit from proposed training and capacity building activities?
    3. How will the project increase the capacity of host country organizations (educational institutions, NGOs, CSOs, government) to promote SA & NRM?
  10. Qualifications of PIs and partners

    1. Do the project PIs and partners have the background and experience required to accomplish the proposed objectives?
    2. Are the disciplines and expertise of the PIs and partners appropriate given the proposed problem statement, objectives, and methodology?
    3. Do the project PIs and partners have experience in the proposed research region(s)?
  11. Research budget

    1. Is the proposed budget appropriate for the level of activities needed to accomplish the project objectives?
    2. Are host country/region expenditures at least 50% of the proposed project budget?
    3. Does the proposed activity effectively build on previous or on-going development activities in the study region(s)?
    4. Additional sources of support. Is the proposed research supported with additional financial or in-kind resources from USAID Missions, NGOs, IARCs, the private sector, and other sources?