USAID Mission Needs

Here we discuss USAID missions with sustainable agriculture and natural resource management strategic objectives and related needs.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) prioritizes its work within each overseas Mission according to Strategic Objectives (SOs). We have compiled a listing of those SOs that directly or indirectly target improved sustainable agriculture (SA) and natural resource management (NRM) for each USAID Country Mission. The following table specifies these SA and/or NRM SOs, their ending date, the specific goals and objectives targeted, how achievement of those objectives will be indicated, and a website address for further information. This information can be used as a first indication of whether an intended research activities objectives are consistent with USAID Mission(s) needs. Click USAID_SOs.pdf to obtain a copy of the SANREM CRSP generated USAID Missions with SA and NRM strategic objectives file.

Additional information can be found on each USAID Country Mission websites (see:

USAID Missions with confirmed SA and NRM interests

Additional information available on our page of USAID Missions with confirmed SA and NRM interests has been formulated to assist researchers identify USAID Missions with programs with strong synergies with SANREM Research. Many more USAID missions have relevant agriculture, natural resources and governance activities that may be appropriate. This information will be updated as we receive more specific information on Mission programs from USAID field staff. Last update 1/14/05.


Notes: 10/13/05: USAID opened a regional office in Thailand about a year ago. They are doing some work on the ground in Thailand, and they are developing a new environmental strategic objective for Thailand. USAID also has centrally funded programs working in the Mekong.