USAID SA and NRM programs

USAID Missions with strong agriculture and natural resource management programs have potential to greatly enhance the impact of SANREM research. USAID American and foreign national field staff understand local development challenges and institutional capabilities of local organizations. They have a broad network of partners with strong linkages to local communities. Dialogue with USAID staff can inform the planning process, and ongoing programs may provide avenues for extension and application of SANREM knowledge, tools and approaches. Therefore, it is anticipated that successful proposals will target development questions relevant to USAID Mission objectives.

Due to time constraints, it was understood that dialogue with USAID mission staff may not be possible during the preparation of planning grant proposals. The information below has been formulated to help researchers to identify USAID Missions with programs with strong synergies with SANREM projects. Many more USAID missions have relevant agriculture, natural resource, and governance activities that may be appropriate. This will be supplemented as we receive more specific information on Mission programs from USAID field staff.

Missions with significant agriculture and natural resource management projects

The Missions below have been identified as having significant SA and NRM programs with potential high synergy with SANREM research. The Missions below are not listed in order of priority.

Africa: Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.

Asia, Near East: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Egypt, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam, Yemen.

Europe & Eurasia: Albania, Central Asian Republics, Moldova, Ukraine

Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua,

Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IEHA): The Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IEHA) is a multi-year effort designed to help fulfill the Millennium Development Goal of reducing the number of hungry people in Africa in half by 2015. The initiative focuses on promoting agricultural growth and building an African-led partnership to cut hunger and poverty by investing in a smallholder-oriented agricultural growth strategy. Investments will focus on countries that will serve as models of success and growth, and whose leaders are committed to growth and hunger reduction as priority development concerns. Current and candidate IEHA countries include:

  • West Africa: Mali, Ghana, Nigeria
  • East Africa: Uganda, Kenya Tanzania
  • Southern Africa: Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi

Sources of information regarding USAID Missions with agriculture and natural resource components

USAID Missions operate under five-year strategic plans with explicit development objectives that drive their projects. The following web links will be helpful in identifying information on Mission strategic objectives and projects. – USAIDs website provides information on where we work, including links to the USAID Mission Directory and Mission websites.

Link to SANREM Knowledgebase This database, compiled by SANREM staff, provides summary information on USAID Mission strategic objectives addressing sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.– The Natural Resources Information Clearinghouse provides information on natural resource management programs across the agency. The database, searchable geographically or by keyword, provides project summaries, web links and project documents regarding NRM projects active over the past three years.