Ethiopia: Productive Safety Net Program

In April 2009, a team including SANREM CRSP Program Director Theo Dillaha traveled to Ethiopia to begin the design phase of a “train the trainers” program leading to improved design, construction, and maintenance of environmentally sustainable rural feeder roads across the African nation. The design phase, funded by a $32,523 planning award from USAID-Ethiopia, includes:

  • Consultations with USAID-Ethiopia staff and personnel of the government and donor agencies
  • Reviews of relevant program reports and evaluations
  • Discussions with stakeholders including project implementers, sponsors, and targeted community leaders, and
  • Site visits to inspect public works implementation and associated problem areas stemming from insufficient or inadequate training

Part of the team’s mission is to propose a scope of work and budget for a pilot program to train 35 trainers of trainers in labor-based rural feeder road design, construction, and maintenance. The proposal describes necessary curriculum and technical training materials required, a workshop schedule, and identification of qualified local trainers, facilitators, and managers.

Details are on the Ethiopia overview page, which can be found in the website of Virginia Tech's Office of International Research, Education, and Development, which manages SANREM.