Conferences and Symposia for Phase III

Conferences, seminars, and symposia listed here are a different kind of meeting than those listed in Meetings on this site. The latter are the business meetings of the SANREM CRSP ME and our partners. These, listed below, were gatherings of SA and NRM scientists and policy-makers for the express purpose of the dissemination of scientific knowledge, sponsored wholly or in part by the SANREM CRSP during Phase III.

  • SWCS Symposium, 2009 – This event, entitled "Conservation agriculture and food security issues in developing countries," took place on
  • Southern Sudan Symposium, 2009 – This event, held March 11-12, 2009 in the city of Juba in Southern Sudan, was entitled "Higher Education in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Southern Sudan." It was the second of two symposia in a series sponsored by SANREM CRSP.
  • Southern Sudan Symposium, 2008 – The first of the two symposia entitled "Higher Education in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Southern Sudan," under the auspices of our 2008 Associate Award for Southern Sudan.
  • USAID PES Policy Seminar, October 2007 – "Pro-Poor Payment for Ecosystem Services" was the topic for an Oct. 4 policy seminar, the second in a series sponsored by SANREM CRSP and USAID for the federal agency’s personnel and guests.
  • USAID PES Policy Seminar, July 2007 – USAID and the SANREM CRSP sponsored short seminar to introduce USAID Washington personnel to payments for ecosystem services (PES) and to invite attendees to participate in an upcoming day-long workshop on PES in October 2007.
  • Biodiversity Symposium – The Biodiversity Conservation in Agriculture Symposium was held at the PUNTACANA Resort and Club in the Dominican Republic, and brought together over 100 biodiversity conservation and agricultural researchers and development specialists.