Planning Awards

In response to our SANREM Planning Award RFA of 01-06-0205 (pdf), the SANREM CRSP received 74 Planning Award Applications from 37 U.S. universities to address critical sustainable agriculture and natural resource management issues. Eighteen Planning Awards from 11 lead U.S. universities were selected for funding by the SANREM CRSP Planning Award External Review Panel. The Planning Awards involved activities in 27 developing countries and culminated in the development of Long-Term Research Award (LTRA) applications. Five LTRAs were subsequently funded from Jan. 1, 2006, to Sept. 30, 2009. Four of the five LTRAs had received Planning Awards.

Planning Award Recipients


Lead PI Lead University Project Title Target Countries
Elinor Ostrom Indiana University Decentralization Reforms and Property Rights: Potentials and Puzzles for Forest Sustainability and Livelihoods Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Bolivia
Norman Uphoff Cornell Expanding local capacities to deliver agricultural production, biodiversity conservation and local livelihood benefits in ecoagricultural landscapes: A hybrid institutional approach Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Bolivia, Colombia
David R. Lee Cornell Integrated Watershed Management to Support Community-Based Responses to Increasing Water Scarcity Kenya, Ecuador


Lead PI Lead University Project Title Target Countries
Jonna Mazet Univ. of California-Davis Large Scale Linkages Between Agriculture and Wildlife Health in the Rungwa-Ruaha Ecosystem, Tanzania Tanzania
James Fraser Virginia Tech Restoration Of Biodiversity And Economic Values To Degraded Rainforest And Agricultural Landscapes In Southeastern Madagascar Madagascar
Matthew Turner Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Agricultural Transitions in West Africa: Impacts on Agropastoral Livelihoods, Livestock Mobility and the Environment Mali
Robert Mazur Iowa State Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management for Livelihood Security Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana
Alfonso Torres Cornell Multi-Disciplinary Research to Optimize a Market-Driven Approach to Food Security, Improved Rural Livelihoods, and Biodiversity Conservation in the Luangwa Valley Watershed Region in Zambia Zambia
Ozzie Abaye Virginia Tech Promoting Sustainable Development in West Africa through Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge to Improve Cotton-Based Agricultural Systems West Africa

Latin America and the Caribbean

Lead PI Lead University Project Title Target Countries
Jeffrey Alwang Virginia Tech Natural Resource Management for Small-scale Agriculture: Sloped Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
Douglas Southgate Ohio State Rural Poverty, Watershed Conservation, and Public Policy in Latin America Bolivia, El Slavador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru
Yuncong Li University of Florida Cover Crops in Natural Resources Improvement and Tree Crops Sustainability under Tropical Agro-forestry Systems in South America Brazil, Peru
James Jones University of Florida Caribbean Food Systems Vulnerability to Global Environmental Change Caribbean Region

Asia – Near East

Lead PI Lead University Project Title Target Countries
Manuel Reyes North Carolina A&T Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production in Southeast Asian Watersheds Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Phillipines
Murari Suvedi Michigan State Dynamics of farm-forest linkages in the context of changing land-use policies in South and Southeast Asia Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam
William R. Burch Yale Assessing the Linkages between Community Conservation & Governance in Nepal's Forest User Groups Nepal


Lead PI Lead University Project Title Target Countries
Harold van Es Cornell Healthy Landscapes: Developing a Framework and Indicators for Sustainability and Management Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia
Amanda Fine Michigan State The Livestock, Wildlife, and Human Health Interface in Mongolia Mongolia