Phase IV

The research theme for Phase IV (October 2009 – September 2014) is increasing smallholder food security and adaptation to climate change through introduction of conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS). CAPS knowledge and technological innovations generated from sustainable rainfed crop and livestock systems will address economic and social (including gender) viability, soil quality, water productivity, and other ecosystem services issues.

Long-term Research Awards (LTRAs)

Feed the Future SANREM Innovation Lab Phase IV received 15 proposals for Long-term Research Award activities (LTRAs). The LTRA applications were reviewed by a panel of SA and NRM professionals from institutions across the United States. The proposals underwent a two-stage review process and were rated on the basis of scientific merit, research impact, capacity building, participatory partnerships, and inclusion of gender and minority issues. Seven LTRA activities will be funded through 2014 for research in conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS):

Cross-cutting Research Activities (CCRAs)

Five cross-cutting research activities were initiated in 2008 to assess research finding across projects:

Associate Awards

The SANREMĀ Leader-With-Associates (LWA) cooperative agreement is designed to allow maximum flexibility to USAID Missions and Regional Bureaus to quickly initiate, design, and manage country and region-specific activities without lengthy competitive awards processes. Visit this page to see summaries of SANREM CRSP Associate Awards for Phase IV.

Application Information

For archival purposes only, you will find some information that pertains to the process that our partners and applicants went through to have a project with Phase III of the SANREM CRSP on our Phase IV Application Information page.