Phase IV Associate Awards

The Leader-With-Associates (LWA) mechanism follows the guidelines of Contract Information Bulletin 99-10 Leader/Associate Assistance Instruments. The SANREM LWA cooperative agreement is designed to allow maximum flexibility to USAID Missions and Regional Bureaus to quickly initiate, design, and manage country and region-specific activities without lengthy competitive awards processes. The caveat to designing an Associate Award is that it must be consistent with the general program description of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Leader award.

Following are summaries of SANREM Associate Awards for Phase IV of the program, with links to details.


Train the Trainers Program: SANREM received a one year, $159,000 associate award to train Ethiopians to build more sustainable roads. The poor design and construction of many rural roads in Ethiopia has led to premature road failure, high maintenance costs, and serious erosion problems. During a previous associate award project, a SANREM team traveled to Ethiopia and designed a “train the trainers” strategy in which the team will train road engineers, who will in turn train rural road desk officers. The desk officers will then provide training and oversight for development agents and contractors at the local level. A two-week pilot training workshop is planned in Ethiopia this May, where the participants – regional road authorities and desk officers – will learn to integrate community-based watershed planning and other environmental issues into road construction.

For additional information, see our Ethiopia project overview page and the project announcement.