Gender Integration

Our research incorporates thematic topic areas that are important in establishing sustainable agriculture and natural resource management systems. Some of these important themes have been the subject of in-depth studies.

Learn more about these important themes, how they are incorporated into our work, and how they might be incorporated into yours:

  • Gender Integration – One of our goals is to support decision-makers to think and act in a gender-sensitive manner in all issues related to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.
  • Conservation Agriculture Production Systems (CAPS) – This approach aims at increasing smallholders’ agricultural productivity and food security through improved cropping systems. It includes maintaining a year-round soil cover, minimizing soil disturbance by tillage, and utilizing of crop rotation systems.
  • Payments for Environmental Services – The SANREM conducted research of payments for ecosystem services (PES) programs in developing countries.
  • Working Papers – Our place to post documents that a researcher is working, for which they are soliciting comment from peers.