Payments for Environmental Services

The Feed the Future SANREM Innovation Lab received an award from USAID/EGAT in 2007 (Associate Cooperative Agreement Na.EPP-A-OO-06-00004-00) to conduct a study of payments for ecosystem services (PES) programs in developing countries in collaboration with the BASIS CRSP and to develop and deliver PES training materials and programs to USAID personnel. The study yielded a variety of results, most of which are now on this site, as detailed here:

Regional reviews – The study developed regional reviews of payments for hydrologic services in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The review papers characterize regional approaches to program objectives and illustrate how those objectives shape program design, contexts, and conditions across the regions, including design elements, challenges, and effectiveness. Drafts of the regional reviews were presented at the “Global Event on Payments/Rewards for Environmental Services” (external link) in Lombok, Indonesia, in January 2007. Completed versions of the papers are published and available in the Journal of Sustainable Forestry, Volume 28 Issue 3 – 5, 2009.

Case Studies – The study developed a series of case studies on successful PES programs in the three regions. To download and read the case studies, visit the Successful PES Programs – Case Studies page.

PES Sourcebook – Under the award, SANREM worked with the BASIS CRSP to develop the PES Sourcebook training manual for USAID personnel. The table of contents for the document is on our PES Sourcebook page, along with links to PDFs of both the entire document and individual chapters.

Seminars – Under the award, the study sponsored two seminars on PES to enable USAID personnel to design and manage PES programs. Information about each seminar, including copies of the presentations given, is in the Research Activities section of this website, under Phase III Conferences and SymposiaPro-Poor Payment for Ecosystem Services (October 2007) and Payment for Ecosystem Services Seminar (July 2007).

Contributions to the SKB – The study also expanded the SANREM Knowledgebase to consolidate information on PES projects in developing countries.