Working Papers from Phase IV


Working Paper No. 01-14 – Agricultural Actors and Networks in the Sahel: Examining the Potential for Scaling-up Conservation Agriculture in Dogon Country, Mali (pdf). Matt Fornito, Keith M. Moore, and Moussa Keïta.


Working Paper No. 01-13 – Agricultural Actors, Networks, and Farmer Identity: Examining Perspectives and Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Botha Bothe, Lesotho (pdf). Jennifer N. Lamb, Keith M. Moore, Makaolo Marake, Dayton Lambert, Michael Wilcox, Neal Eash and the rest of the LTRA 9 Team.


Working Paper No. 03-12 – Agricultural Actors, Networks and Mind-sets: Discovering the predisposition for CAPS in the Mt Elgon region of Uganda and Kenya (pdf). Keith M. Moore, Jennifer N. Lamb, Rita Laker-Ojok, Julian Nyachwo, Dominic Ngosia Sikuku, D.S. Ashilenje, Eusebius Juma Mukhwana, Bernard Bashaasha, and Jay Norton.

Working Paper No. 02-12 – Agri-‘culture’ and farmer identity in Botha-Bothe District: The context for conservation agriculture (pdf). Keith M. Moore, Makoala V. Marake, Monica Hawkins, and Dayton Lambert.

Working Paper No. 01-12 – Research Strategy Report (pdf). Adrian Ares, Keith M. Moore, Michael Kelly and Michael Mulvaney.


Working Paper No. 01-11 – Descriptive Report on Cropping Systems in Upper West Region, Ghana (pdf). Iddrisu Yahaya, Ibrahim Hashim, Jesse Naab, and Timothy J. Dalton.


Working Paper No. 01-10 – Research Framework for Technology Network and Gendered Knowledge Analyses (pdf). Jennifer Lamb, Keith M. Moore, and Maria Elisa Christie.


Working Paper No. 10-09 – Developing Conservation Agriculture Production Systems: An Analysis of Local Networks (pdf). Sarah Swenson and Keith M. Moore.