Official Reports

Annual Reports: The Feed the Future SANREM Innovation Lab Managing Entity and its partners submit a technical progress report to USAID annually which describes the past year's activities including technical, scientific, managerial information and associated research products. Each Principal Investigator (PI) submits a report to the Managing Entity (ME) on October 15 which details their research progress over the period of October 1- September 30 from the past year. To view these yearly publications from the past five years, please see Annual Reports.

Semiannual Reports: These reports are submitted by PIs to the ME on April 15, who then reviews, compiles, and sends a complete Semiannual Report to USAID. A summary of the overall progress of SANREM from October 1 – March 31, including significant trainings, networking activities, strategies, and objectives are detailed in these Semiannual reports.

Quarterly Reports: From Fiscal Year 2005 to Fiscal Year 2007, these brief documents were submitted every few months to USAID. Important updates, accomplishments, milestones and issues were detailed in these Quarterly Reports.

Trip Reports: Within 15 days following the completion of each international trip, the traveler must complete a trip report summarizing the accomplishments of the trip. These Trip Reports explain the purpose of the trip, participants, activities, technical observations, progress, recommendations for follow-up, and a list of contact persons.