Southern Sudan Symposium, 2008

Higher Education in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Southern Sudan

International symposium Nov. 17-19, 2008
Juba Raha Hotel and Conference Center, Juba, Southern Sudan


  • Review current knowledge on the situation and needs for higher education in agriculture and environmental sciences in Southern Sudan
  • Present and discuss regional and international lessons learned regarding strategies for higher education reconstruction in post-conflict countries
  • Present and discuss alternative curricula and sequencing strategies for developing an integrated agricultural and environmental training and research program in Southern Sudan
  • Discuss information gaps on present and future demand for graduates
  • Reach consensus on final project goals and objectives
  • Develop a practical strategy to accomplish the goals and objectives (work plan and responsibilities)


Monday, Nov. 17

Welcome and introductions

  • Father Mike Schultheis, acting vice chancellor, Catholic University of the Sudan
  • Michael Bertelsen, associate director, Office of International Research, Education, and Development; and associate dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech
  • The Most Rev. Rudolf Deng, bishop of Wau Diocese and president, Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference

Symposium goals and objectives, Michael Bertelsen

Agricultural and NRM Development and Human Resource Needs in Southern Sudan, John Chuol Dhol, director general for agriculture production, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS)

Agriculture and Forestry Research and Training Prospects for Southern Sudan, Timothy Thwol Onak Yor, director general for forestry, MAF, GoSS

Higher Education Needs in Southern Sudan, Josephine Yanga, undersecretary for higher education, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, GoSS

Higher Education in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Southern Sudan, Victor Loku Kwajok, deputy vice chancellor, University of Bahr El Ghazal; and Lino Liebo Ador, dean of the faculty of veterinary sciences, Upper Nile University

Perspectives on higher education needs of the agricultural private sector in southern Sudan, Lee Bonyai, commercial farmer

Perspectives on higher education needs of the NGO and international donor community in southern Sudan, Birgitta Grosskindy, EURO Union, agricultural officer

Role of Higher Education in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in Post-Conflict Countries: A Review of the Literature, Michael Bertelsen

Catholic University of the Sudan background, mission, goals and objectives; and lessons learned from previous experience in establishing universities in Ghana and Mozambique, Michael Schultheis 

Lessons and perspectives of regional universities

Tuesday, Nov. 18

Overview of progress and the day’s agenda, goals, and objectives, Michael Schultheis

Proposed Needs Assessment and Curricula Development Process, Theo Dillaha, Virginia Tech, SANREM CRSP program director

Biophysical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management Curricula Components, Theo Dillaha

Perspectives on Higher Education in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Needs in Africa: Reflections on Cornell University Programs, Alice Pell, Cornell University

Programs and Strategies to Meet Higher Education Needs in Agricultural Economics and Related Subjects, Peter Wyeth, Washington State University

Strategies to Meet Needs in Vocational (Career) and Technical Education, Tom Broyles, Virginia Tech

General discussion, challenges and role of agriculture and higher education in development in post-conflict Sudan, Tom Broyles, facilitator

Wednesday, Nov. 19

Overview of progress and the day’s agenda, goals, and objectives, Theo Dillaha

Draft Needs Assessment Survey

Symposia Accomplishments, Theo Dillaha

Closing remarks:

  • Mary Hobbs, environment officer, USAID-Juba
  • Michael Bertelsen
  • Michael Schultheis

Participants and invited guests

  • Dr. Lino Libo Ador, Dean Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Upper Nile University (Malakal)
  • Mr. Lee Bonyai, Private Sector, Agriculturalist
  • Prof. Tom Broyles, Undergraduate Coordinator of Agricultural and Extension Education, Virginia Tech
  • Br. Bruno Dada, SMB, Coordinator of Academic Affairs, Catholic University of the Sudan (CUofS)
  • Mr. John Chuol Dhol, D/G for Agriculture and Extension Services, MAF/GOSS
  • Prof. Dr. Scopas Dima, University of Juba and Special Advisor on Agricultural Development (MAF/GOSS)
  • Ms. Birgitta Grosskindy, EURO Union, Agricultural Officer
  • Dr. Mary Hobbs, USAID/Juba
  • Prof. S.G. Kiama, Associate Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi
  • Fr. Lawrence Lodu Kose, Vicar-General, Archdiocese of Juba
  • Mr. Atem Kuir, D/G for Higher Education, MOEST/GOSS
  • Prof. Dr. Victor Loku Kwajok, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Bahr-al-Ghazal (Wau & Khartoum)
  • Mr. Onesimo Yabang Lo-lujo, Deputy Principal, Univ of Juba
  • Peter Malnak, USAID Principal Officer, Juba
  • Prof. Daniel N. Mugendi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance, Planning & Development), Kenyatta Univ.
  • Prof. Alice Pell, Vice Provost for International Relations, Cornell University, USA
  • Prof. Peter Wyeth, Prof. Emeritus, Intern. Programs & Intern. Business Inst., Washington State Univ.
  • Dr. Josephine Yanga, Under Secretary for Higher Education, MOEST/GOSS
  • Mr. Timoty Thwol Onak Yor, D/G for Forestry, MAF/GOSS

Symposium secretariat

  • Prof. Mike Bertelsen, Associate Director, Office of International Research, Education, and Development and Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech, USA
  • Fr. Prof. Mike Schultheis, Acting Vice-Chancellor, Catholic University of the Sudan (CUofS)
  • Prof. Theo Dillaha, Professor of Biological Systems Engineering and SANREM CRSP Program Director, Office of International Research, Education, and Development, Virginia Tech

Special guests

  • The Most Rev. Bishop Rudolf Deng, Bishop of Wau and President, Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference
  • The Honorable Prof. Paul Lado Bureng, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, GOSS