Research Briefs

The purpose of research briefs is to disseminate knowledge generated by SANREM partners and to communicate this information quickly and effectively to development practitioners. These briefs are based on a variety of technical material, including peer-reviewed journal articles and books published by SANREM research partners.

Research Briefs from Phases III & IV

  1. Developing Social Infrastructure for Effective NRM (pdf)
  2. Modeling Tool Improves Watershed Analysis (pdf)
  3. Lowland Irrigation Practices Benefit Upland Farms (pdf)
  4. Understanding Alternatives to Forest Use in Malawi (pdf)
  5. Subsistence Farmers Move Into the Market (pdf)
  6. Rotational Grazing for Soil Carbon Sequestration (pdf)
  7. Assessing the Scientific Knowledge Base for Ecoagriculture (pdf)
  8. Surviving Vietnam’s coffee boom and bust (pdf)
  9. Improving rural livelihoods through low-cost irrigation (pdf)
  10. Developing appropriate nonpoint source pollution models for the tropics (pdf)
  11. Disease Risk Management with Crop Biodiversity (pdf)
  12. Biological Control of Cacao Disease with Beneficial Bacteria (pdf)

Research Briefs from Phases I & II

  1. Water Spirits and Citizens’ Action: Community-Based Water Quality Monitoring in the Philippines (pdf)
  2. From Awareness to Attitude to Action: An Iterative Approach to Evaluating Impacts of NRM Projects (pdf)
  3. Reconciling Livelihoods and Landscapes: Trade Policies, Labor Markets, and Land Use in the Philippines (pdf)
  4. A Social Contract for Biodiversity: Institutional Solutions to Environmental Conservation in the Philippines (pdf)
  5. Saving Soil: Integrating Erosion Control in Upland Agricultural Systems (Mindanao Island, Philippines) (pdf)
  6. Looking at the Landscape Through Local Lenses: Integrating Community Values and Variation in Indicators of Sustainability (pdf)
  7. Scenarios of sustainability: Scientific and local visions of development in a biodiversity hotspot (Ecuador) (pdf)
  8. Typologies of Production and Power: Household Livelihood Strategies and Gender Roles in an Andean Frontier Economy (pdf)
  9. Capital, Community and Collective Action: Social Foundations of Sustainability in an Andean Buffer Zone (Ecuador) (pdf)
  10. Pasture Preferences: The Ecology and Economics of Andean Farmers’ Decisions (pdf)
  11. Ethnopedology in the Malian Sahel: Soil Classifications and Conceptions of Fertility (pdf)
  12. Rainfall Risk and “Response Farming”: Using Rainfall Analysis, Simulation Modeling and GIS to Improve Agricultural Decisions in Mali (pdf)
  13. Integrating Research and Policy for Natural Resource Management: Lessons Learned in the Philippines (pdf)
  14. Assessing the prospects for carbon sequestration in the Manupali watershed, Philippines (pdf)
  15. Water Resources Management and Willingness to Pay: The Case of Cotacachi, Ecuador (pdf)
  16. Towards Sustainable Crop Production in Andean Communities, Ecuador: An Assessment of the Soils’ Nutrient Status (pdf)
  17. Plant-Water Relations in an Andean Landscape: Modeling the Effect of Irrigation on Upland Crop Production (pdf)